R.I.P. old friend LG Petrov
It’s with great dismay and in deep grief that we learned that our brother of metal LG Petrov has left us forever. This is a huge loss to his family, Entombed A.D.
band colleagues, friends and the entire metal scene – LG is a death metal icon! We were very lucky to have LG on our last Atrocity album “Okkult II” as a guest singer on “Devil’s Covenant”, and the honor that we shared the stage together as Entombed for the first time played in Germany on our “Support The Underground“ festivals back in 1990. These are incredible memories that will stay in our hearts forever. Thank you for the music and great times! We wish family, friends and the band a lot of strength in these dark days.
Have a good journey old friend, see you on the other side.
Alex Krull /Atrocity