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Check out the new Sonic Seducer Musikmagazin featuring LEAVES’ EYES on the title and a 6 pages story including background interviews and an exclusive Remix of „Who Wants To Live Forever”.

LEAVES’ EYES – BIG new interview online (in German)!

LEAVES‘ EYES – “Myths Of Fate”, der Name ist Programm!



LEAVES’ EYES – IN ETERNITY Check out the new single on video and all digital platforms:



LEAVES’ EYES – New music video ‘In Eternity’ is out now

Elina comments: This song has a special meaning and story behind it which takes me back to January 2022, when I came home from the funeral of Alex’s mother. It was an overwhelming feeling…of course sadness, but also a kind of calmness, warmth and security. Sounds maybe odd, but then I realised it’s exactly the feeling I got every time I met her.
I thought about the things she said, the incredible courage she had and “In Eternity… I’ll never be… afraid” started to play in my head. I had to sit on my piano and ended up recording a synth and vocal demo which was later arranged into a full band version. I wanted the song to be raw, simple yet powerful and I love how it ended up sounding, its tribute to our ancestors, their lives and spirits!
It was also incredible to film a music video for this song, to capture the primal, haunting and beautiful at the same time.
Grateful 🙏
lex adds: This is indeed a very meaningful song and it was very special to work out the song ideas at Mastersound Studio and filming the video at extraordinary locations in Iceland and Wolin in Poland. We want to thank all the great people who helped us at the set. It was an overwhelming moment when the last edit of the video was done. My mother will always be missed, she was a wonderful person like no other. I hope people will enjoy the video and can get a glimpse of this special atmosphere.


LEAVES’ EYES – New single and video premiere “In Eternity”

GREAT NEWS! New single and video premiere “In Eternity” on Friday 23rd of February!


Elina: ”In Eternity” is one of the most personal songs in Leaves’ Eyes history, dedicated to Alex’ late mother Heidi Krull. It’s a tribute to our ancestors, a primal anthem to their lives and spirits.
The song embodies the rawness of emotion which the video’s striking visuals accompany. The vast landscapes of Iceland and a pagan ceremony filmed in Wolin / Poland bring the story of the song alive in a captivating way.