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Mastersound Management & Booking works together with established artists and new talents of different genres. The focus of our music management lies in the artist’s unique musical style, his true dedication to his work and a constructive cooperation. As is common knowledge, only rarely will success come overnight. In most cases it can only be achieved by hard work. For this reason it is utterly important to maintain a trustful partnership between artist and management.

We have already been concerned with the implementation of the artists’ s needs for a couple of years and we have longterm experiences within the music business in the field of booking, promotion and marketing. From tour planning over conceptional designs for CD artworks to direct placement in the media we have been working in a variety of fields. After years of successful cooperation we are in steady contact to a variety of partners in all media branches. The basic principles for Mastersound Management & Booking are individuality, foresight, commitment and flexibility. In the past, we have been exceeding any possible limits of music and media scopes. Hence, we were able to set proof of our innovative company image. Our approach is to always break new grounds with a contemporary management.

At the moment, Mastersound Management & Booking is cooperating with the following artists:


Artists who wish to introduce themselves to us are invited to do so. Just send us a demo tape or check out a casting date. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further information.

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