Produced / co-produced / mixed / re-mixed / mastered / recorded

Atargatis_Booklet_MASCD0492.inddancientAfter the storm

Abhorrence Six feet under
Akoma Revangels
Ancient Gallery Alles ist nichts
Angelic Upstarts The Best
Anvil Absolutely no Alternative
Speed of Sound
Apoplex Return to Zero
Asterius A Moment Of Singularity
Atargatis Wasteland


Atrocity Atlantis
After the Storm (feat. Yasmin)
Blue Blood
Calling the Rain (feat. Yasmin)
Cold Black Days
Das letzte Mal
Desert Land (feat. Yasmin / Orkus Collection)
Die Gottlosen Jahre (Do DVD/CD)
Die Liebe (feat. Das ich)
Kraft & Wille
Masters of Darkness
More (Sisters of Mercy Tribute)
New Album
Non Plus Ultra
Okkult II
Satans neue Kleider (feat. Das Ich / Best of)
Shake your heads (Accept Tribute)
Sound of Silence (feat. Liv Kristine)
Spell of Blood / Blue Blood (2019 Version)
Tainted Love
Taste of Sin
The Defintion of Kraft & Wille
The Hunt
Werk 80
Werk 80 II


Battlelore Metal Female Voices Festival 2007
Belching Beet/Mindflair Split CD
Belphegor Goatreich – Fleshcult
Lucifer Incestus
Blood G.E.N.
Bloodflowerz Damaged Promises
Dark Love Poems
Bloodred The Lost Ones
The Raven’s Shadow
Hör den Tod (Videoclip)
Bliss Re-Thougt
Sin to Skin
Bob Katsionis Rendez-Vouz In The Sky (Guest Vocals Liv Kristine)
Brocelian Lifelines
Guardians of Broceliande
Catalyst Crime Catalyst Crime
Catamenia Halls of frozen North
Morning Crimson
Charisma Karma
Cockroach Temple of mystery
Corpus Christi Melissa
Cradle of Filth Nymphetamine (Remix)
Vocal Recordings


Crematory Klagebilder (Pre-Production)
Revolution (Pre-Production)
Cumulo Nimbus Nachtwache
D.O.D. Roadrunner Session
Dark Fortress Séance
Darkwell Metat(r)on
Delain Lucidity (Vocal Recordings)
Dehuman Reign Descending Upon The Oblivious
Disillusion Back to the Times of Splendor
Doro Celebrate (Vocal Recordings)
Raise Your Fist
Edens Curse Unconditional (Guest Vocals Liv Kristine)
Eleanor Celestial Nocturne
Elis Catharsis
Dark clouds in a perfect sky
Gods Silence Devils Temptation
Metal Female Voices Festival 2007
Show me the way
End of Green Dead End Dreaming
Dead End Hero
Emerald Sun Call of nature (Guest Vocals Liv Kristine)
Erben der Schöpfung Elis
Evening Fall (Enya Tribute)
Niemand Kennt den Tod
Factory of Art Roadrunner Session
Forte Destructive
Rise above


Genius A Rockopera Pt.II
Harald Bosch Die Sonne scheint für alle umsonst
Hate Squad IQ Zero (Re-Release)
Pzycho! (Re-Release)
Theater Of Hate (Re-Release)
Haunted Gorge Rise From Twilight
Hägele Family Green Gras of Home
Weisst Du
Heavenwood Swallow
Holy Ghost International Aden Nti Na Woresu Yi?
Hordes of Yore Of Splendour and ruin
Hortus Animae Summoning of the Muse
There’s No Sanctuary (Guest vocals Liv Kristine)
Human Fortress Epic Tales & Untold Stories
Hydra Swath of Destruction (Guest vocals Liv Kristine)
Ian Key Band The Story of Rose
IB IB 4 Life
Spitzt Eure Ohren!
Immortal Rites Art of Devolution
Indilounge Indilounge
Infinity New Album
Vocal Recordings
Internus The Krull Sessions
Kim Inside
Kosto and Full Adictomia
Jack Frost Gloom Rock Asylum
Lacrimosa/Atrocity Siehst Du mich im Licht

Theatre of Morbid Visions375leaveseyes

Leaves’ Eyes Across The Sea
At Heavens’ End
Black Butterfly (EP)
Chain of the Golden Horn
Dark Love Empress
Edge of Steel
Fires in the North
Halvdan The Black
Into Your Light
King of Kings
Legend Land
Metal Female Voices Festival 2010 (Live Bonus DVD)
My Destiny
New Album
Night Of The Ravens
Riders On The Wind
Sign Of The Dragonhead
Sign Of The Dragonhead (Single)
Symphonies of the Night
The Last Viking
The Waking Eye
Viking Spirit (Film Documentary)
Vinland Saga
War of Kings (Videoclip)
We Came With The Northern Winds / En Saga I Belgia (Do DVD/CD)
Legio Mortis The Human Creation And The Devil´s Contribution
Theatre of Morbid Visions
Lifend Innerscars
Liv Kristine 3am
Deus Ex Machina
Enter my Religion
Fake a Smile
Over the moon
One Love
Only If (Enya Tribute)
Shape Edition
Trapped in your Labyrinth
Luna Field Diva


Melted Space Between (Guest vocals Liv Kristine)
Metalium Millennium Metal Chapter One
Mevatron Death Spawn
Midnattsol Demo
Where Twilight Dwells
Nordlys (Vocal Recordings)
Mighty D Crusader
In The Sad Valley Of Tears
Mind Driller Red Industrial
Morgenstern Fuego
Mosherie Album
Natalie Kay Live your life
Nicole Hacke Demo
Noctis Imperium Glorification of evil: The age of the golden dawn


Obscura Retribution
Occult Of Flesh and Blood
Odem Aus dem Nichts
Overlord Roadrunner Session
Paimon Sol Vignis
Painflow Audio-Visual-Aids
Painful Imagis Pestis
Pat Bolliger Pat Bolliger
Powergod Evilution Part one
Primal Fear Born with a broken Heart (Guest vocals Liv Kristine)
Punish Dawn of the Martyr
Four songs in Morbid Lust


Radiation Dust Roadrunner Session
Rainravens Diamond Blur
Re:aktor Zero Order
Remember Twilight Der tolle Mensch
Romanthica Despierta (Guest Vocals Liv Kristine)
Sacralis Phobos
Samsas Traum Anleitung zum Todsein (Drum Recordings)
Asen’ka – Ein Märchen für Kinder und solche, die es werden wollen (Guest Vocals Liv Kristine)
Sanguis et Cinis Friday I’m in love
Saruman Black Bleeding Heart
Satanic Syndrome Ein Traum in Rot
Savn Savn
Hang On
Septagon We Only Die Once
Seven of Nine Kept Inside
Liquid Universe
Silke Bischoff vs. Atrocity Blue Moon
Siegfried Nibelung
Sinister Cross the Styx


Skyclad Shape Edition
Vintage Whine
Slaughter Not dead yet
Solitude Aeternus Adagio
Sonic Subsoil Album
Sons of Seasons Gods of Vermin
Speeed Powertrip Pigs
Spiral Tower Spiral Tower
Spiritual Cramp Time
Steve Wynn How´s my little Girl
Stoneheads Man in the Mirror
Stuttgart Scorpions Cheerleader Stuttgart Scorpions
Sun of Sadness Picture
Tanzwut Stille Wasser (Guest Vocals Liv Kristine)
Tarja Innocence (Piano Recordings and Edit)
The Shadow Self (Piano Recordings and Edit)
Tempesta Out Of The Dark
The Heroines Groupie
The Pinstripes Mini CD
EP 2012
Still kickin’
The Sirens Embracing the Seasons
Sisters of the Earth

The Pinstripes still kickin cd1The Sirens

Theatre of Tragedy A Rose for the Dead
Assembly (Vocals/Demos)
Musique (Vocals/Demos)
Tanz der Schatten
Totenmond Der Letzte Mond Vor Dem Beil
Väterchen Frost
Týr The Lay Of Our Love (Guest vocals Liv Kristine)
Umbra et Imago Ein letztes Mal (Remix)
Urban Combat Project UCP
Vanguard Succumbra
Velvet Viper Cosmic Healer
From Over Yonder
Visions of Atlantis State of Suspense (Guest Vocals Alex Krull)
Virtual Victim Save me from Darkness
Weltenbrand In Gottes oder des Teufels Namen
Whiplash Thrashback
Yasmin Exile – Improvisation (Enya Tribute)
New Songs
Yasmin Sen Chicken Party
Hit ’em up style
Zar Don’t wait for heroes
Hard To The Beat
ZetaX 7 Cultures


 Compilations (examples)
A Tribute To Accept
  Hammerfall feat. Udo Dirkschneider, Sinner, Sodom, Dimmu Borgir, Atrocity, Grave Digger, Tankard, Rykers, Watch Tower, Therion, Primal Fear, Axxis, Seven Witches, Metalium, Steel Prophet, Pegazus, Sacred Steel, Tarot, New Eden
In your face
  King Diamond, Crematory, Theatre of Tragedy, Pretty Maids, The Spudmonsters, Atrocity feat. Yasmin, Chastain, Helstar, Scanner, Giants Causeway, Veni Domine, Psycho Drama, Full Circle, Threnody, Step Child, Hybernoid
Metal Merchant Vol.1
  Theatre of Tragedy, Solitude Aeturnus, Vicious Rumors, Totenmond, Lacrimosa, Evergrey, Krabathor, Catamenia, Heavenwood, Impious, King Diamond, Bliss, Mucupurulent, Destiny,Memorial Day, Saviour Machine
Metal Merchant Vol.2
  Atrocity, Fates Warning, Liv Kristine, Wallcrawler, Chroma Key, Without Grief, Loonatikk, Master, Veni Domine, Peace Love & Pitbulls, Anasarca, Quo Vadis, Blackend, Ashes You Leave, Impending Doom, Forte
Metal Merchant Vol.4
  Skyclad, Pretty Maids, Powergod, Trail Of Tears, Edguy, Exhumed, Seven Witches, Majestic, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Dead, Squealer, Vigilante, Holy Mother, Nuclear Tribunal, Morgion, The Spudmonsters
Metal Merchant Vol.5
  Powergod, The Bronx Casket Co., Painflow, Catamenia, Loonatikk, Metalium, Bonehouse, Bliss, Hyperion, Witchery, Occult, Forte, Bongzilla, In Aeturnum, Belching Beet, Sexsexsex, Deathwitch, Mystik
Metal On Metal
  Metalium, Powergod, Seven Witches, Pretty Maids, Majestic, Skyclad, Anvil, Occult, Catamenia, Theatre of Tragedy, Bliss, Atrocity, The Bronx Casket Co., Painflow, Liv Kristine, Rough Silk, Solitude Aeternus
Orkus Collection
  Faith & The Muse, Lacrimosa/Atrocity, Therion, London After Midnight, Dimmu Borgir, Estampie, Theatre of Tragedy, Christian Death, Saguis Et Cinis, Paradise Lost, Love Is Colder Than Death, Atrocity feat. Yasmin, Girls Under Glass, Generation X-ed, Die Form, Mortiis
Orkus Compilation
  Covenant, Soft Cell, Das Ich, Umbra Et Imago, The Gathering, The Crüxshadows, Diary Of Dreams, Sero.Overdose, Boytronic, Funker Vogt, Therion, Satyricon
Rockfabrik – Holy Days Crazy Nights
  Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep), Sinner, Missa Mercuria, Doro, In Flames, Das Ich, Domain, Symphorce, Yngwie Malmsteen, Messiahs Kiss, Thunderstone, Pretty Maids, Seven Of Nine, Hammerfall, Atrocity
Rockfabrik – Hot Christmas
  Leaves Eyes, Primal Fear, Exodus, Rage, Atrocity, Hypocrisy, Axxis, Six Feet Under, Farmer Boys, Victory, Pump, Dimmu Borgir, Deathstars
Rockfabrik – Black Hard & Heavy
Sonata Artica, My Early Mustang, Martin Kesici, Amon Amarth, Magnum, Evidence One, Fates Warning, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Wintersun, Die Apocalyptischen Reiter, Cataract, Mnemic, Graveworm, Edguy, Mono Inc.