Dear Fans and friends,

we just got the sad news that WMD in Belgium has to be postponed to 2022 due to the current Covid-19 situation. 

Please, read the promoters statement.

In view of the rise in covid-cases in Belgium the organisation of WMD has been in close contact with the city council of Waregem and all bands involved to monitor the current situation together.

Our recent festival-organizing experiences made clear that the current CST rules&regulations are a necessity but sadly not bullitproof.

In order to make an ‘indoor’ event like WMD 100% covid safe everybody would need to be tested before entering. Including the people who have been fully vaccinated. Furthermore, today we learned that mounthmasks for indoor events are likely to be implemented again..

Needless to say, all of this is putting a strain on all involved: visitors, organisation, bands and staff.

Our recent festival-organizing experience also show ticketholders are reluctant to show up and band cancellations are possible till the actual day of performance due to covid testing upon departure.

Taking these aspects into account, and after referral with every band involved, we took the difficult decision to postpone WMD 2021 to 2022 (9/10 and 11 december). Taking with us nearly all of the bands and line up we had in 2021 and including some fantastic add-ons! The new timetable will be online as of november 20th.

Because we want WMD to be a ‘winterblast’; with no restrictions, no fear, no testing, no infections, no no-shows. Only music & fun.

All tickets will automatically be transferred to 2022. Before the end of 2021 these new tickets will be into your personal Emisys account.

We all know this situation is not what we want but we have to put the public health upfront. WMD is not a small club-event, it’s a major festival. We have to act accordingly.

Stay well, stay safe and see you ALL in better conditions in december 2022.