LEAVES’ EYES – “KING OF KINGS“ Track by Track: The Waking Eye

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4. The Waking Eye

Harald’s mother’s dream of a garden, in which a tree is growing tall into the heavens. Its stem is golden white and the roots blood-red:

“A glaring dream
A garden in her pure pristine She held a thorn
Growing tall and strong
Into heaven raising high
A stem shining golden white Still underneath
bright bloody red the earth”

Harald’s father’s vision is about a young man with long hair – its ringlets spreading out over the entire country:

“A wanted dream
Revealed to him on sordid beds A man of deeds
Golden ringlets on his head”

Harald’s parents confront a seer with their dreams:

“Behold tomorrow Seer’s shadow Brothers follow The waking eye”


Check the video clip here: https://youtu.be/GWQQ1Gxo7sc