Drummer Joris Nijenhuis answers questions on the upcoming album pt.2

ATROCITY drummer Joris Nijenhuis answered some questions about the production of the upcoming “OKKULT” album. Here is the 2nd part:

How was your stay at Mastersound Entertainment Studio, how did you like the the studio and to work with Alex and the guys over there?
The Mastersound studio is a very nice place to stay. The location is amazing and if you want to eat schnitzels, the XXL Schnitzel Steinheimer Schützengilde is pretty close to the studio. We usually start every morning with coffee and pretzels. After that I start warming up and then we start recording, sometimes till late in the evening. 

Working with Alex, Sander and Tosso is always very relaxed. I’m usually my own worst enemy with recording, I’m almost never satisfied with a take, there are always a few small things I’m not happy about. So sometimes it’s hard but I’m quite happy with the final results.