Atrocity & Leaves’ Eyes across Latin America 2015 – Colombia


Atrocity & Leaves’ Eyes across Latin America 2015
A report by Liv Kristine

17. May
17. May is Norway’s national celebration day and it was the first time for our bands to play in Colombia! The audience at “Ozzy Bar” in Bogotá embraced us warm-heartedly and extremely loud! Thanx heaven, we had a late flight to Peru the day after the show so we could catch up with some sleep. It was great to have some time to walk around downtown through Bogotá’s historic areas during the next afternoon. I absolutely loved the Plaza del Chorro. Thanx to driver Camilo and friends we had an awesome day with great impressions. I have to admit that I was indeed stunned by the beauty of the Colombian women, and I think my band members were, too! We were stunned to see that the main street leading through the city was full of people jogging, skateboarding or bicycling, and not by cars. Sunday seems to be the family day there – good weather, humble people and a fine atmosphere in Colombia’s capital was the impression we were left with.

To be continued!

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