“The Berserkers” – A new novel from Vic Petersen

Check out the new novel “The Berserkers” and the little message we got from author Vic Petersen:

‘Hi, guys. My novel, The Berserkers, will be published in April 2022 by Hawkwood Books, a small UK publisher. The hero of the story is a keyboardist in a Viking heavy-metal band. The idea came to me after I saw Leaves’ Eyes in concert in Lawrence, Kansas, where I live. What a cool night that was! Although the band in my story is quite different than Leaves Eyes, that concert really helped shape how I thought about my quirky tale. As one reader said, “The Berserkers has the feel of a classic hero’s journey, but with Viking Heavy Metal at the hero’s side.” Just like a Leaves Eyes concert, right? Right!

Check it out: www.vicpeterson.com