“KING OF KINGS” Guest musicians: Victor Smolski and the “Whiterussian Symphony Orchestra”

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Dear fans and friends,

never change a winning team! For “King of Kings” we worked once again with Victor Smolski and his orchestra from Minsk. The recordings took place Vlad Kovaliov Studio, Minsk, Belarus. The symphonic parts of “King of Kings” turned out very epic but also deep and atmospheric at the same time!

Victor Smolski (ALMANAC, Ex –Rage): ” “King of Kings” is already the fourth and most exciting Leaves’ Eyes album which I have worked and recorded for with my “White Russian Symphony Orchestra” (ex-LMO). It’s always very fascinating to see how the final result sounds. “King of Kings” is a fantastic CD which Alex has produced with a lot of different and colorful sounds and atmospheres!”