The probably most international band in the world once again reclaim the coveted spotlight that will place them at the pinnacle of the symphonic Rock and Metal genre.With “Meredead”, Leaves’ Eyes opens a new chapter in Nordic mythology. Their latest masterpiece frees them from all past genre restrictions, allowing them to evolve into a rocking, contemporary and more enthralling force than ever before. It is Liv Kristine’s unique voice that serves as the linchpin in Leaves’ Eyes. The band not only enthralls the ears, but in particular the imagination of the listener. The members of Leaves’ Eyes do not merely write songs; their music tells of great sagas and fantastic legends. Due to the band’s strength and courage, as well as an unorthodox sense of variety, Leaves’ Eyes has reinvented itself. Frequently Leaves’ Eyes songs hit the Rock, Alternative and Metal clubcharts, get video-airplay, moreover, their music is featured on TV, as seen in the trailer for the successful US TV series “NUMB3RS”. Due to worldwide tours in 35 countries incl. USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South America, Asia, Europe and numerous successful releases and international chart entries (e.g. “Njord” and “Meredead” Top 30 German Media Control Album Charts and U.K. Top 20 Rock Album charts or Japan No. 1 Import charts, “We came with Northern Winds / En Saga i Belgia (special show with Viking ship)” #11 German Media Control DVD Charts, and #15 Swedish official DVD charts), the band refuses to be categorized; Leaves’ Eyes dictates its own direction. With its latest effort “Meredead” ultimately achieves symphonic metal perfection.


Liv Kristine – vocals
Thorsten Bauer – guitar
Sander van der Meer – guitar
JB van der Wal – bass
Alexander Krull – vocals
Felix Born – drums

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