ATROCITY, one of Germany’s most successful metal bands, is one of the most experimental and diverse musical acts in the history of metal. They have always found the courage to explore uncharted territories, while delivering top-notch productions. One such production was their full-length release “Werk 80 II”, which entered top 20 in the German Media Control Album Charts at #19. ATROCITY, called “the metal chameleons”, are truly pioneers in the international Death Metal and Gothic Metal scene! Frontman Alex Krull states: “We see ourselves as artists finalizing our own musical ideas in miscellaneous ways without limits, but with infinite creativity. A good actor has to play different roles, as does a successful script writer or director, who must be able to produce a drama or an action-packed thriller. I see a similarity between them and us being metal musicians who dare to look beyond one’s own nose. We do things that other bands wouldn’t dare to do.” Throughout the recent years, ATROCITY hit the Rock, Metal and Alternative club charts in the highest positions. In 2012, ATROCITY returned with full force: A double DVD release featuring the 25-years-anniversary show at Wacken, moreover, a splendid film documentary about the extraordinary career of the band, including numorous artists, well-known and influental people of the global Metal, Rock and Gothic scene. This will be followed by the first part of an epic and bombastic Metal concept album trilogy called “OKKULT”! So watch out for the next strike of the German metal icons!

Line up:

Alexander Krull – vocals
Thorsten Bauer – guitar
Sander van der Meer – guitar
JB van der Wal – bass
Joris Nijenhuis –  drums

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